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Founded in 2021, Jules' Pools is a pool maintenance service you can count on in Knippa, TX. I have been around for a while and am still going strong because I am doing things the right way. I believe in treating customers individually and providing them with the top possible service.

My Pool Cleaning Service 

Residential Pool Maintenance

Residential Pool Maintenance
If you have a pool, you know that many things need to be done to keep it in working order. You have to take care of the water quality, clean out algae and other debris, and maintain the filter. You may even need to replace some parts of the filter or pump. I can help with all of your swimming pool cleaning needs! I offer residential pool maintenance services that include everything from basic cleaning and maintenance to full-blown repairs and replacement of parts. I am an expert at the craft and have years of experience dealing with all kinds of pools. I have seen it all! I specialize in maintaining your pool and keeping it clean, but I also do much more. I can help you decide what kind of pool is for your yard and budget, and I will work with you every step. I want your experience with me to be as smooth as possible, so I will always be there for you if you have any doubts. 

Benefits of my pool cleaning service:

With my services, you’ll never have to worry about making sure your water level is just right (or even checking it at all), having the right chemicals in your pool at all times (ensure they’re replenished when needed), removing debris from the bottom of the pool so it doesn’t clog up pumps or filters (I do all of this for you!). You won’t have to worry about your pool anymore. I’ll take care of it all! I’m honest and reliable, so you can trust me to handle your pool responsibly. You’ll never have to worry about your pool getting dirty or green again! My rates are affordable and fair.

How is the work done?

My above ground pool cleaning techniques are perfected so I work on pools of all types and sizes, from residential to commercial – anywhere you need such help! And I am constantly learning new skills, so I can offer you the most up-to-date technology available in this industry. I come prepared with everything I need to get started right away, so there’s no waiting around for you to get what I need before I begin working on your pool. And when I do, I use responsible products that are safe for humans and animals. Many of my clients have pets who love spending time outside by the pool, so I should use only safe products for them too! After all, who wants their furry friends getting sick from something as simple as a trip through their backyard? No one does! That’s why I take care of everything.

Jules' Pools services are available in these locations:

  • Sabinal, TX;
  • Uvalde, TX;
  • Uvalde Estates, TX;
  • D’Hanis, TX;

If you would like to know more about me and my services, contact me at (830) 222-8959 in Knippa, TX or schedule an appointment.

Client’s Testimonial

by Melia Mcpherson on Jules' Pools
Happy Customer!

I am so happy with the pool cleaning service I received from this company. I had been struggling to keep our pool clean with our traditional approach then I found them and I am very happy.

Jules' Pools
Address: , Knippa, TX 78870-0147
Phone: (830) 222-8959

  • Residential Pool Maintenance
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